The Menu

Full Groom -
Full clipping, hand scissoring to finish, bath and blow dry, pads and paws shaping, nail trim, ear cleaning
     $60+ (up to 20lbs: Shih-tzu, mini poodle, schnauzer, maltese, yorkies...)
     $75+ (up to 50lbs: larger spaniels, lab, golden retriever, collies...)
     $95+ (50lb+ : husky, american eskimo, standard poodle...)

Bath & Tidy -
Pad and Paws shaping, bath and heat blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning

Express Bath - Bath and air-forced dry; your dog will be damp.  


A la carte

Nail Trim $12
Pad shaving and Paw shaping $12
Face and Muzzle trim $15
Flea Bath add $10
Add a feather! $6 (extra for Feathers) 

Dematting - included for the first 15 minutes
                    with a Full Groom; $15 for every
                    30 minutes after
Deshedding/Undercoat - Included for the first 15
                    minutes with a Full Groom, $15 for
                    every 30 minutes after

The Fine Print

Prices depend on size of dog, breed of dog, condition of the coat, type of coat and behaviour of dog.  

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellation notice of 24 hours is required.  Notice of less than 24 hours is subjected to a $10 cancellation fee.  You may choose to reschedule your appointment within 24 hours at no charge.  

Late Policy:  We appreciate a call if you are anticipating to be late.  If you are more than 30 minutes late without notification, a fee may be applied at our discretion.

No Show Policy:  Clients who are no-show will not be allowed to book online.  Please call 604-682-1899 to make future appointments.  There will also be a $15 charge towards your next appointment. 


Dental Care

Does your dog's teeth look like this?

If  yes, then your dog may need teeth cleaning and have a dental routine as part of its health maintenance.  As recommended by Veterinarians, a regular three-month or six-month routine oral care is impertinence for your pet's oral health.    

For more information: visit our specialist's site: Chewy's Smile

The procedure

For smaller dogs or cats, they will be wrapped gently in a towel to ensure minimal movement.  An examination would follow to determine if your pet needs veterinarian care.  If a veterinarian is required, we do not charge a fee for the examination.  

If your pet is deemed suitable for anesthesia-free cleaning, we will go ahead and begin our gentle handling techniques that includes cleaning, scaling, polishing and flushing of both above and below the gum line without having to administer anesthesia.

After Care

It is recommend that you visit your veterinarian for dental exams, cleanings and x-rays.  Dental oral health plays an important part in promoting healthy eyes, sinuses, skin and internal organs too.  We can help with keeping your pet's oral health up to date by scheduling regular check-ups on a monthly, three months, six months or yearly basis as needed.  

We will set up individualized plans to support your pet's oral health that includes supplements, products to reduce calcular & tartar and promote gum tissue health, as well as brushing demonstrations so that you can maintain your pet's oral health at home.



Price per Interval                            

Every 3 Months (4 check ups per year)                             -  C$50 per visit

Every 6 Months (2 check ups per year)                               C$70 per visit

Small (1-30 lbs.)                            C$100 — C$150
Medium/Large (31-100 lbs.)                                        C$150 — C$200

All sizes   -    C$150