Dog Daycare

Vaccination Requirements

All dogs must have vaccinations up to date, puppies must have their 3rd set of shots prior to attending our dog daycare.  Owners must submit written proof of all vaccinations or call Ball and Biscuit to call the vet clinic to verify information.  Lack of proper documentation or up to date vaccinations may results in the refusal of dog daycare services. 

  • Distempter
  • Parvovirus
  • Bordatella
  • Rabies
    Titer testing is also acceptable.

Ball and Biscuit Daycare consists of 900sq ft of indoor and outdoor space!  We accept dogs that are under 55lbs, who are non aggressive.  Puppies must have had their 3rd set of shots.  

Whether they be lounging on couches, playing, or just enjoying the sunshine on our comfy cushions, we want this space to be your dog's home away from home!  

Daycare hours are from 7:30am to 7pm.  Follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts for cute pics of your pups while they hang out at Ball and Biscuit!


Single day$28Price per daySavings
5 day pass$130$26.00/day$10
10 day pass$245$24.50/day$35
20 day pass$476$23.75/day$85

Half day (5hrs)$18Price per 1/2 daySavings
5 day pass$85$17.00/half day$5
10 day pass$165$16.50/half day$15
20 day pass$320$16.00/half day$40

Prices are subject to change. Late pick-up fees apply. $1/ min until 8pm, and/or boarding fees will be applied.