Our Fav Finds:


Water Pooch Leash & Collar

Water Pooch is designed and owned in Vancouver!  Water proof, stink proof, durably and stylish design makes it the ultimate gear for the Vancouver gear.  We especially love their gold hardware, oh so posh! 


Dog Threads 

Dog Threads: Modern Dog clothing with good vibes!  All Dog Threads shirts are made in the USA.  From sizes XS - L, your dog is going to look better than you!  

New Ruffwear gear


New colours for their ever so popular Front Range Harness, from sizes XXS to L/XL.  NEW for this season, matching Front Range Leash to go with the harness!!  Featuring a heavy duty secure Crux Clip, a Traffic handle for more control and a paddle handle for extra comfort!!! 

acana heritage

Acana Classics and Heritage

Acana makes Biologically Appropriate dog and cat foods from fresh regional ingredients that mirror the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that nature evolved dogs and cats to eat.  Excluding high-glycemic carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, synthetic additives and anything else that Mother Nature didn't intend your dog or cat to eat. 

acana classics

Acana Foods follow Nature's 5 Rules: 

  1. Rich in meat and protein
  2. High fresh meat inclusions
  3. An abundant variety of fresh meats
  4. WholePrey meat ratios
  5. Carbohydrate and Glycemic limited

Acana Classics is available for our budget conscious pet owner.  Three variety: Prairie Poultry, Wild Coast and Classic Red.  Each brimming with 50% meat and featuring fresh free-runchicken, turkey and nest-laid eggs from local prairie farms, whole, wild-caught fish from Vancouver's cold Pacific waters, or heritage red meats from Alberta's vast and fertile ranches

Fromm Four Start Duck and Sweet Potato

Fromm Family Pet Food has not had a recall since being in business in 1904 because of their high quality control of testing each batch of food before bringing them to the market.  Highly palatable, different bite sizes for all sizes of dogs with grain-free option. 

Did your big box store stop selling Fromm?  We will accept your frequent buyer cards (Buy 12 get 1 FREE) or we can start you with one.  

We are located at 532 East Broadway, between Main St and Fraser St.
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crudo surrey meat packers
 Look at one of our satisfied customer's freezer!

Look at one of our satisfied customer's freezer!

NEW!  Crudo by Surrey Meat Packers is here!!  We are pleased to add Crudo Pet food to our roster of raw-frozen food available in store.  No longer do Vancouverites have to drive out to Burnaby or Surrey to get Crudo raw food for their pets, but they can get it right here in East Van!  We are stocked with Beef & Veggies, Chicken with Bone & Vegetables, Chicken with Bone, and Turkey with Bone & Vegetables.  Crudo raw meat are sourced from hormone-free and antibiotic-free animals, with liver, bone and vegetables added to provide a complete diet for your dog without artificial additions.  


Snout Soothers and Pawtectors


Dog got a dry nose?  Try a snout soother by Natural Dog Company. Handcrafted with all natural products in the USA, it will sooth, protect and heal a dry , cracked nose or paw.  Paw soothers and Pawtectors are great for hot summer days when the pavement is almost too hot to walk on, as well as in the winter when sidewalks are salted.  Your pooch's paw will appreciate a little bit of extra protection from the elements.  Try one out in a 0.5oz trial size!