Summer 2019/ Bard on the Beach

Some of you may already know, PorkChop, is starring in Bard on the Beach production of Shakespeare in Love! We’ve been training really hard leading up to this and we’re so glad that it is going well! We have over 20+ shows in the summer between July and September, so grooming availability may be a little different; with more Sunday openings and some Saturdays closed.

The play Shakespeare in Love by Bard is such a good play with an awesome cast. I highly recommend that you check it out this summer! I have listed the dates for shows that PorkChop will be starring in. Unfortunately, because he is “working” he is not allowed to do meet and greets.
Thank you for those who have already come and seen the show and for supporting us! Let us know what you think about our performances! #bard2019 #ballandbiscuit #porkchopthemutt @bardonthebeach


Shakespeare in Love production by Bard on the Beach, starring: PorkChop!

Shakespeare in Love production by Bard on the Beach, starring: PorkChop!

New grooming updates:

I will no longer be accepting new clients with dogs over 75 lbs. This is due to physical limitations on my body. Current clients with dogs over 75 lbs are still welcomed.

It’s getting busy at the shop, please bear with us while we try our best to fit everyone into the schedule. This summer, there may be a shift in hours so that like you, I can also enjoy more of the sun! What type of hours would you like to be made available to you? Are there any other services that you would like as an add-on? Let me know!
Send me a quick comment below in the “contact us” section or via our instagram and facebook page!


The Menu

Full Groom
Full clipping, hand scissoring to finish, bath and blow dry, brush out, pads and paws shaping, nail trim, ear cleaning
     $65+ (up to 30lbs: Shih-tzu, mini poodle, schnauzer, maltese, yorkies...)
     $80+ (up to 49lbs: larger spaniels, lab, golden retriever, collies...)
     $100+ (50lb+ : husky, american eskimo, standard poodle...)

Bath & Tidy
Pad and Paws shaping, bath and heat blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning
     $35+  (price reflective of size, coat and breed of dog)

Express Bath
Bath and air-forced dry; your dog will be damp.  
     $19+ (price reflective of size, coat and breed of dog)

A la carte

Nail Trim $12
Pad shaving and Paw shaping $12
Face and Muzzle trim $15
Flea Bath add $10
Add a feather! $6 (extra for Feathers) 

Dematting - included for the first 15 minutes with a Full Groom; $1/min for every minute after.

Deshedding/Undercoat - Included for the first 15 minutes with a Full Groom, $1/min for every minute after.

All Prices depend on size of dog, breed of dog, condition of the coat, type of coat and behaviour of dog.  

The Fine Print (PLEASE READ!)

Prices depend on size of dog, breed of dog, condition of the coat, type of coat and behaviour of dog.  

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:  Cancellation notice of 24 hours is required.  Notice of less than 24 hours is subjected to a $15 cancellation fee for dogs 30lb and under, or $20 for dogs over 30lb.  You may choose to reschedule your appointment with at least 24 hours notice at no charge.  

Late Policy:  We appreciate a call if you are anticipating to be late.  If you are more than 15 minutes late without notification, a fee may be applied at our discretion. We may also chose to reschedule you due to time restraints. Late Pick ups: please pick up your pets at the notified time. Dogs not picked up within a reasonable time will be subjected to a $1/minute fee or at end of day, a $50/night boarding fee after 30 minutes of notification.

No Show Policy:  Clients who are no-show will not be allowed to book online moving forward.  Please call 604-682-1899 to make future appointments.  There will also be a $20 charge towards your next appointment. 

Book Online below or call 604-682-1899

The Groomer will be away Thursday August 28th to Monday September 1st. We apologize for the longer than normal wait time for appointments! Please check back for additional openings! Thank you!


About me

I started grooming as a hobby about 5 years ago because I thought, "I love dogs and I wanna work with dogs!"  Pretty soon, I found myself working on the weekends grooming dogs, even though I already had a full time job in healthcare.  A year later, you all know me as the owner of Ball and Biscuit Pet Boutique!  I had a lot of fun setting up the dog daycare and retail, and I have enjoyed meeting all the dogs and owners that walked through those doors.   Many of you I have come to know as friends and I have watched your doggies grow up or cross the rainbow bridge.  Yes, I will recognize that dog sooner than I recognize that human!

However recently, I have decided that it is time to get back to my passion, and really focus on grooming   At the new location, I hope to be able to keep grooming affordable for all my clients and to provide the same high quality service for all of your dogs.  I'm excited to see all the familiar and new faces at my new shop.  Thank you for your support!  


Contact us

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Phone: 604-682-1899


Mon 9:30 - 9pm
 930am - 5pm
Sat 9am–5pm
Sun Closed

*times and days may vary.  Call for more information

*by appointments only


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